Menù à la carte


Enjoy yuor meal at the Pantagruel Restaurant.

The lunch is also served at the Romantic Wood near the swimming pool, taste your garden lunch!

Please, contact us for more information



The menù



Selection of Umbria's free-range pork cold cuts with ‘Brustengo’ bread 12€

Selection of Umbrian cheese with acacia honey and wine jelly 13€

Warm porcini mushroom salad with crispy pastry and pecorino cheese from Norcia 12€

Tempura courgette flowers stuffed with ricotta and pistachio mortadella on red pepper cream12€

Millefeuille of Chianina carpaccio with rocket and parmesan shavings 15€

Grilled octopus tentacle with potato mayonnaise 15€

Tartare of Amberjack on pistachio panure 17€

Cylinder of grilled vegetables, goat cheese and liquid endive 12€


Carnaroli "Pila Vecia" risotto with grilled prawns and fine herbs from the garden15€

Mezze Pappardelle with white Chianina sauce 15€

Umbricelli water and black Umbrian truffle flour 15€

Rabbit tortelli cacciatore and Taggiasca olive powder 15€

Bauletto of egg pasta with rosemary cod on chickpea and dried tomatoes puree 15€

Colfiorito potato gnocchi with porcini mushrooms and courgette flowers 14€

Paccheri Cavalier Cocco with asparagus carbonara 14€

Imbrecciata of Umbrian legumes of slow food presidium with sprinkles of rosemary bread 12€

San Marzano cream soup, basil fondue, burrata stracciatella and bread chips 11€


Scottona fillet shaded with Cartizze, fresh tomato hat with basil and flakes of Reggiano cheese 25€

Rabbit morsels with seasonal vegetables in batter 18€

Lamb chops in pistachio crust 22€

Scottona fillet tartare 25€

Croaker in crazy tomato water with Taggiasca olives 22€

Duck breast caramelized with Vernaccia wine from Cannara and apricots with thyme 22€


Sliced ​​white Apennine veal 19 €

Marinated lamb chops 20€

Scottona fillet 22€

Sliced ​​Umbrian wild pork fillet with rocket and balsamic spice emulsion 16€


Puff pastry with chantilly cream and Domori chocolate dark drops 7€

Shortbread with lemon cream and berries 7€

Peach parfait with a heart of yogurt and amaretto crumble 7€

Pistachio sandwich with white chocolate and basil apricot compote 7€

Crêpes with vanilla ice cream and flambè berries 7€

Three chocolate creamy 7€

Sliced ​​seasonal fruit 7€