The birthplace of Saint Francis – Assisi – is getting ready to welcome the solemn celebrations in his honor. From September 24th to October 4th, the atmosphere that envelops the places of the Patron Saint of Italy will be even more mystical.

The center of the celebrations is the Basilica that dominates the hill on which Assisi stands. Involving the whole city with religious and civil initiatives, prizes, conferences and commemorations, the celebrations last for days. The culmination of events is the solemn ceremony of the Transit - in the lower Basilica - which tells the passage from life to the death of St. Francis. In his house, every Assisian has the olive branch which is distributed in the church square at the end of the ceremony.

This year, the Region of Tuscany will represent Italy in the commemoration of its Patron. Indeed, according to the tradition, a region arrives in Assisi every year to offer the oil that will feed the votive lamp that burns in the crypt of Saint Francis for the next twelve months. The meaning of the offering rite is strongly felt as the oil that burns in the lamp becomes a source of light and blessing and guides the Christian along the path of the Faith.
In memory of Friar Jacopa, the Roman noblewoman friend of St. Francis and present at the Porziuncola in the imminence of the Transit, the "Silver Rose" - an annual recognition attributed to a woman of our time, witness of faith, hope and charity - will be delivered to Mrs Zaira Conti.

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