We are ready!

Finally we re-boot: we start dreaming and traveling again! Posta Donini is ready to welcome you and we will be doing it safely, to make you have a holiday in peace of mind with all the necessary precautions in compliance with the legal requirements for the protection of everyone's health.

We look forward to seeing you from 15/06/2020!

We are aware that we are facing difficult times and, today more than ever, the comfort, health and safety of our guests and collaborators are our top priority.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, additional measures have been introduced to ensure your comfort and safety. Posta Donini continues to monitor the evolving situation and observes the directives of the World Health Organization and the competent health and government authorities, and we are ready to adapt our procedures accordingly.

In order to protect people’s health within accommodation facilities, and guarantee the safety of the environment, we inform you that we have taken some precautionary measures, as required by current regulations.

In implementation of these measures, we inform you that entry is not allowed:
- if you tested positive for Covid-19 or are in the period of an enforced quarantine;
- if you have been in contact with a case of Covid-19 in the last 14 days, or if you are coming from WHO designated risk areas at the time of arrival;
- if you have a temperature (above 37.5°C) or other flu symptoms.
If these symptoms start after entering the facility, you must promptly inform the company manager, taking care to stay at an appropriate distance from other people, and notify your doctor and the health authority.

By entering the facility, you undertake to comply with all the provisions of the Authorities and the rules of the company, and in particular to keep social distancing, wear a face mask when necessary and observe correct hygiene behaviour.

Below we want to make you aware of the main measures taken by Posta Donini for an experience of well-being and relax in complete safety:

- In common areas it is mandatory to respect the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter

- Guests must always wear a mask in closed common areas

- Personal protective equipment (PPE) available for all guests during their stay, including masks, hand disinfectants and disposable gloves

- The body temperature upon arrival at the facility may be detected, preventing access in case of temperature> 37.5 ° C.

- All staff wear appropriate personal protective equipment

- Enhancing health and safety training for all colleagues, including the correct procedures for the use of personal protective equipment and case notification protocols

- All areas of the structure are subject to a significant increase in cleaning and sanitizing operations

- Cleaners will also focus on treating all hard surfaces in all public areas and guest rooms

- Increased antiviral disinfection measures on all the furniture and surfaces of the rooms, for example telephones and switches

- New and stringent room cleaning procedures where the staff will use disposable personal protective equipment for each room

- Laundry, bed linen and sheets are washed at sufficiently high temperatures to guarantee sterilization

- Spacing measures of the tables in the refreshment points in accordance with local regulations

We are waiting for you,

Posta Donini